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Trauma Recovery: Survivors & Therapists Share Their Words of Encouragement

For many survivors, trauma recovery brings a wide range of intense feelings. There are moments of immense healing that give you hope for a better future, and there are moments that can feel tougher to get through.

To help you along in your trauma recovery, we asked several mental health professionals, trauma survivors and advocates to share their words of encouragement and advice. Here’s what they had to say.

Long Soul System - Mira Tx

“Hold onto something, such as a tree you’re taking care of, a pet, a book you’re writing, painting, anything to look forward to. So whenever you’re losing hope or strength, you can focus on this thing you’re passionate about (even if you lose passion, you know you’ve felt passion about this). When you’re tired of working trauma, turn to any passion for living, that’s why you’re working, to keep, recuperate and feel this passion for living.”

– Lore, a psychology student, mental health advocate and content creator, @longsoul.system, Long Soul System on YouTube

Lotta Elisabeth - Mira Tx

“That healing isn’t linear – just because you slip back into old patterns, ways, or feelings, does not mean that you’re not healing. This is part of the process.”

– Laura Lu, a psychotherapist and researcher, @themindhealthspot


“One piece of advice I have for you is to make it a priority to develop ways to calm down your body. From a regulated body comes awareness and the ability to work your way through trauma. Hold onto the light and take it step by step, day by day. You can do this!”

– Lotta Elisabeth, a ballerina, figure skater and trauma survivor, @lotta.elisabeth

David Yusko - Mira Tx

“You’ve already survived the most difficult experiences from the past, and while healing those wounds will take more courage and bravery from you, you’ve got this! Continue to be strong and brave as you pursue the healing you deserve.”

– David Yusko, a psychologist, co-founder of the Center for Anxiety & Behavior Therapy and clinical advisor for Mira Therapeutics


“Find a way to get connected to a survivor community. Survivors are a wealth of wisdom, experience and compassion.” 

– Sara Aird, a storyteller, educator and trauma survivor @breakingdowncptsd,

Natalie Gutierrez - Mira Tx

“The journey will be hard sometimes. You might find that things feel worse before they get better. You’ll feel uncomfortable. You’ll encounter many trailheads. Meet them with curiosity and an open heart. You’re worthy of your healing and have the power to be your champion. Stay the course and remember your why.”

– Natalie Gutierrez, a trauma therapist @nataliegutierrezlmft

If you’re struggling during your trauma and/or PTSD recovery, relief is possible. With the support of mental health professionals, your loved ones and self-management tools like the Mira app, you can heal from your trauma and feel empowered. To read more information on trauma and PTSD, take a look at our blog!

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