Grounding Exercises

What Are Grounding Exercises?

Grounding exercises are practices that can help you manage your trauma symptoms when they occur. To feel grounded is to feel centered. These strategies are good to use when you are struggling to help prevent your symptoms from getting worse. It is also helpful to practice grounding exercises when you are not experiencing symptoms because …

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examples of grounding exercises: deep breathing, hold a piece of ice, listen to nature sounds, take a mindful walk, enjoy a drink or some food

Managing Trauma Symptoms During Quarantine

If you struggled with mental health before the quarantine, it’s likely the current pandemic has not made those issues better. Many people are struggling with mental health and trauma issues more than ever because of COVID-19. Most people experience generalized anxiety, but some are experiencing worsened trauma symptoms, are being traumatized from isolation, or from …

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Dealing with Trauma on 4th of July

Holidays can be a bittersweet time for anyone with PTSD. While you may want to celebrate the holiday with your friends and family, often fireworks can trigger flashbacks and can prevent you from being able to relax and enjoy yourself.  On top of that, we are dealing with many other stressors on Independence Day. 4th …

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