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General Questions

Mira is a self-help mobile app to help relieve and manage trauma symptoms. If you have been through a traumatic event or if you experience symptoms of trauma, you may benefit from using Mira! There is no need for any formal diagnosis to use Mira.


Please remember that Mira is a self-help tool, and it is not a replacement for therapy.

Mira is free for a limited time.

We are making the Mira App available free with all its functionality for a limited time. In the future, only a basic version of Mira will be free. We’ll let you know about any changes ahead of time. For now, take advantage of it and enjoy the full Mira App, commitment free. We hope it helps you!

Mira is completely ad-free, so you can focus on yourself and on finding relief by managing your trauma symptoms.

No. Your trust and your privacy are important to us. We do not sell your data.


To reset your PIN:
a) Go to Settings (the gear wheel on the lower right corner)

b) Tap “Security”

c) Tap “Reset PIN”


Here, you will be asked for your password. If you have forgotten your password, please see the instructions on the next question.

If you forgot your password, tap “Forgot password” under the “Sign in” button on the screen. You will receive an automatic email to reset your password, which includes a link to reset your password.

The password protects your entire Mira account. The PIN protects the information shown in the app from other people using your phone to accidentally or intentionally see your data stored in the Mira app.


You can change your password and your PIN at any time on the Settings screen of the Mira app.

The Color Finder needs access to the camera on your phone for it to work. Below are instructions on how to grant Mira access to your phone’s camera.

For iPhone:

a) Go to (phone) Settings → Privacy → Camera

b) Scroll down to the Mira app and allow camera access

For Android:

a) Go to (phone) Settings → Apps & notifications → See all

b) Scroll down to the Mira app → Permissions. Allow camera access.

If you have an iPhone, this may happen if your location settings are set to only provide an approximate location. To change this setting:

a) Go to the phone Settings → Privacy → Location Services

b) Scroll down until you find Mira and tap on it

c) Turn on “Precise Location”

Tips and Tricks

Yes. Mira offers several breathing exercises, with and without audio and text guidance. To change the exercise you are using, tap on “Settings” on the upper right corner of the Breathing Exercise screen. You can see how here.

Of course! In all places where you can type, you can talk into your phone, and it will be automatically written into the app. Here’s how to set that up.
a) Tap on the box where you would like to enter the text so that a keyboard appears
b) Tap on the microphone on the keyboard
c) Start talking onto the phone and watch your words will get written in the text box

It’s natural to forget on occasion! If you forget to track your symptoms, you can certainly note what you remember. However, to get the most benefits from Mira’s Daily Tracking, we recommend keeping track of your symptoms or triggers as often as you can. Here’s how you can use Daily Tracking in Mira.

a) Open Daily Symptom Tracking or Trigger Tracking

b) Tap “Edit Time” on the upper right corner of the screen

c) Change the date and time as appropriate. You can go back up to seven days!

That’s great! Journaling can be very helpful in the recovery process. You can record your thoughts in Mira’s Journal.


a) Open the Journal using the menu at the bottom of the home screen

b) Choose “Custom Entry” to log any thoughts you have at that moment, or choose “Journal Reflections” to go through a few self-check questions to reflect on your day


Once saved, you can access your previous notes anytime through the Journal.

I still have questions

No problem! Send us a note at [email protected], and we will have your answer.

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