About Us

The idea of Mira started from seeing friends dealing with the effects of trauma. As we started working on it, we soon realized that there were many more people who were suffering or had suffered from it. Those were friends, colleagues, people we have known for a long time, people with lives similar to ours. It became obvious that post-traumatic stress affects many people, and unlike popular culture tells us, it is far from being limited to military veterans. Abuse, domestic violence, childhood neglect, sexual assault, natural disasters, are all examples of traumatic events that may lead to post-traumatic stress symptoms.


Thankfully, there exist some therapies to treat the effects of trauma and PTSD. However, crises and symptoms can be triggered anytime, outside therapy sessions. The starting point for Mira was to develop a solution to deal with these crises, on your own, when they occur, and to understand them so more can be done about it, both through self-management and through therapy optimization.


The Mira App is on a journey of improvement and development just as those with trauma symptoms are recovering and improving. We are re-imagining trauma recovery, and there is more to come. For now, use the Mira App and stay in touch!


The Mira Therapeutics Team

Our Founding Team

Silvia Garcia Codony

Co-Founder & CEO


Mental health cannot be solved with a pill. We need to enable self-management and optimize personalized therapy.​

Annika Roll

Co-Founder, Designer & Marketer


Trauma is a common experience that we will all face in our lives, and it can be managed just as other mental health conditions can, with therapy and self-management tools.

Nick Gattuso

Co-Founder & Head Developer


Many of us will experience mental health conditions in our life. We need to spread awareness to change how these conditions are perceived.

Dr. David Yusko, Psy.D.

Clinical Advisor


Dr. Yusko is a nationally recognized expert in Prolonged Exposure therapy for PTSD. Dr. Yusko informs the design of the Mira app and acts as our primary clinical advisor.

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