Introducing the Mira app

You can recover and grow from trauma

Mira is a mobile app that helps you manage the symptoms of Trauma, PTSD, and Dissociation

The Mira App can help you

Manage your symptoms a
little better each day
Understand and communicate your symptoms more effectively
Make the most out of each therapy session
Mockup of the Mira for PTSD home page, including grounding exercises, journaling, resources, and feedback.

Mira is your Digital Recovery Assistant

Mira is a trauma support app that acts as your grounding assistant when you experience a flashback or dissociation. Mira uses grounding tools, journal prompts, and educational modules to help you identify your symptoms, manage them when they occur, and track your progress over time.


users who love the app

"Sometimes, the flashbacks can be really intense and having these tools on the phone are a real lifesaver. Thanks a lot guys"
"[This] is the best explanation of [Borderline Personality Disorder] I've ever heard. You have no idea how amazing it is to hear someone break it down like that"
"[The app] made me more conscious of how often I have flashbacks, and makes grounding a lot easier, decreasing severity of flashbacks and dissociation over all."


mira uses proven grounding techniques

Identity Mindfulness

Reminders of a person's identity, the current time, and their present location to alleviate flashbacks

Visuospatial Tasks

Exercises that engage the brain's visual processing areas interfere with intrusive visual memories

Somatic Sensory Exercises

Engaging somatic senses such as sight, touch, and kinesthetics help you to manage dissociation

We know recovery can feel daunting

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