Trauma recovery can be debilitating...

Mira is here to help

Manage your symptoms

Track your crises

Learn about trauma

A Mobile app for PTSD support

Mira is a trauma support tool that acts as your grounding assistant when you experience PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms like flashbacks or dissociation. Mira offers grounding tools, journal prompts, and educational modules to help you identify your symptoms, manage them when they occur, and track your progress over time.


Our mission is to change the way people recover from mental health conditions, starting with the effects of trauma. Get the PTSD support that you need by managing your symptoms, tracking your crises, and learning about trauma.

Mira addresses all symptoms of PTSD


mental health awareness


A person wearing a purple hoodie with their arms crossed, avoiding trauma reminders

Mood Changes

A person sitting cross-legged with a cloud hanging over their head, feeling mood changes because of trauma symptoms


A person with lightening bolts around their head, appearing angry and frustrated due to trauma symptoms

Through an easy to use mobile interface

Grounding Exercises

Bring yourself back to the here and now by self-managing your symptoms

Symptom Tracking

Record your symptoms, crises, and triggers as they occur

Educational Modules

Learn about trauma, mental health, therapy methods, and psychology

A girl jumping in the air with confetti around her, having received trauma support

Happy Stories

“I am so grateful that someone is helping people with PTSD through an app. Sometimes, the flashbacks can be really intense and having these tools on the phone are a real lifesaver. “

“[The app] made me more conscious of how often I have flashbacks, and makes grounding a lot easier, decreasing severity of flashbacks and dissociation over all.”


“Thank you for creating this! I am transitioning between providers for counseling currently and busy with finals, so I appreciate your efforts.”

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