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Mira is a self-help app for trauma and PTSD

Mira is a trauma support app for self-management and tracking of symptoms such as flashbacks, anxiety and dissociation. To help you manage your trauma symptoms, the app offers grounding exercises, symptom tracking and educational resources. This’ll help you identify your symptoms when they occur and track your progress over time!


Stop and reduce your symptoms when they occur


Get resources to learn about trauma and PTSD


Identify your PTSD symptoms and triggers

How Mira Works

Grounding Exercises

help you to focus your mind on the present

trauma support

Symptom Tracking

teach you to identify symptoms and triggers

trauma support


allow you to track your recovery progress

trauma support


help you to learn about trauma and PTSD

trauma support app

Happy Stories

“I am so grateful that someone is helping people with PTSD through an app. Sometimes, the flashbacks can be really intense and having these tools on the phone is a real lifesaver. “


– Anonymous 


“The best app I’ve found for PTSD. Simple. Easy to use. Great for grounding and symptom tracking. I recommend to anyone with PTSD.”


– Rose B.


“When I am experiencing a flashback, [Mira] helps me shake it off much faster than I could without it. It also reduces the severity of the flashbacks. Bonus for me is easy tracking and recording of symptoms and thoughts to share with my [doctor] later.”


– Tracie S.

“Thank you for creating this! I am transitioning between providers for counseling currently and busy with finals, so I appreciate your efforts.”


– Anonymous


Mira Logo - Trauma Support

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